Blane Jackson

The Bane of Unemployment

In a mans world, there’s nothing more emasculating than losing your job. In a society where a man’s value is increasingly measured by his earning

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Blane Jackson

The Joy of Fruit

As I’ve mention in a previous post, I’m dieting. The central focus of the diet is giving up refined sugar, starches, and flower – basically,

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Blane Jackson

Apple’s Next Big Thing

Many of my friends and acquaintances, accused me of being an “Apple Fanboy” because of my unbridled zeal for their products. I would say, more

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Blane Jackson

The Virtue of Earmarks

I saw the movie Lincoln over the weekend and I agree with the critics. It’s a great movie. Five minutes into the film, you’ll forget

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Blane Jackson

Post Election Blues

Like so many Americans, I’ve been sulking. I’ve got a bad case of post-election blues. Let me say up front that I’m a libertarian. I’ve

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Blane Jackson

Clean Your Plate?

I’m in the third week of a new diet. “Eating to Live” as outlined in Dr. Joel Fuhman’s bestseller “Eat to Live.” Dieting is always

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The Future is in The Back End

Most of the hassle when collaborating with other information workers is encountered getting through firewalls.

What About Cheech?

Whenever I get together with my favorite cousin and the bourbon begins to flow, and

A Fragmented America

When I was a teen in the early 70s, the “mother” of all music charts

Rest In the Arms of the Dragon

The story of King Arthur, or the “Arthurian myth,” conveyed in Thomas Mallory’s Morte D’

All Fear is the Fear of Death

When most people think of fear, they immediately conjure images of physical harm and, possibly

No Such Thing As Easy

At one point in my life, I was a certified golf addict. The urge to

Give Me Robust Every Time

Everyone has a theory regarding the popularity and mystique of the original Volkswagen Beetle. Here’s

The Sweet Life

The film, La Dolce Vita, has rocketed into my top five films of all time.

15 Rules for Teenage Boys

Leaving childhood behind and entering manhood is not an easy transition for an adolescent male.

Can Companies Really Evolve?

Business pundits love to theorize that companies can somehow “morph” their product mixes and cultures

Our Perverse American Dream

Over the years, I’ve read so many perverse opinions regarding the meaning of “The American

The Purity of Sport

Every day about 4:00 PM, I get an urge to hit a golf ball. Because

The Libertarians Need to Evolve

It’s unfortunate many Libertarians can’t speak of concepts such as liberty and constitutionality in terms

The Best iPhone Accessory

You heard it here first, in the next 10 years, the commuter automobile will become

The Truth About Blogging

I’ve been giving “the value of blogging” a lot of thought. After all, it takes