Blane Jackson

The Future is in The Back End

Most of the hassle when collaborating with other information workers is encountered getting through firewalls. Most companies are so paranoid about security, that sharing files

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Blane Jackson

What About Cheech?

Whenever I get together with my favorite cousin and the bourbon begins to flow, and we commence to reminiscing about the family elders, one of

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Blane Jackson

A Fragmented America

When I was a teen in the early 70s, the “mother” of all music charts was the Billboard Hot 100. The Hot 100 served as

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Blane Jackson

No Such Thing As Easy

At one point in my life, I was a certified golf addict. The urge to hit a golf ball every day was just about uncontrollable.

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Blane Jackson

Give Me Robust Every Time

Everyone has a theory regarding the popularity and mystique of the original Volkswagen Beetle. Here’s mine. Sure the Beetle was cheap – but other cheap

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God Bless John Stossel

The libertarian canon seems self-evident and John Stossel explains it as well as anyone. Why

The Muslims Are Coming!

Michele Bachmann was in the news today claiming the Muslim Brotherhood has “infiltrated the highest

Starbucks is Lost

What does Starbucks really sell? That’s a question Starbucks has been trying to answer for

Dress Code Madness

Why do men and women dress differently at work? I sit at my desk and

Be the Wolf

“History is written by the winners.” ~ Alex Haley The domestic dog is an extremely

Halloween Memories

Things don’t always get better, sometimes they get worse. Take Halloween for example. Halloween is

October in Venice

A light drizzle spit as I emerged from my hotel room at 6:30 PM, not

High in Amsterdam

2003, Amsterdam Beauty, culture, and social tolerance make Amsterdam an ideal destination for any adventurer.

Be a Smart TechnoSloth

I’ve been using a personal computer since 1983. During that time I’ve seen a lot